When any player plays at an online poker room, the poker room will take a rake. This happens when the pot is built to a certain amount the poker room will take a percentage of the pot. This is how poker rooms make their money online and offline. The money that they take is known as the rake.

Most online poker rooms offer rakeback. Rakeback is when the poker room refunds or gives back a portion of the rake to the poker players. Some poker rooms provide rakeback in an upfront and honest way, by providing actual refunds of rake each day, week, or month straight to your online poker player account. Other poker sites offer cash back plans through their VIP and Loyalty Programs, where poker players will have the opportunity to earn VIP points or loyalty points, which can be redeemed for cash or gifts. The cash can then be used at the poker tables or cashed out – which essentially sounds like rakeback. That is because it is rakeback!

Additionally, some poker rooms and networks offer both rakeback and cash back through the poker room’s VIP Programs. This is like rakeback on steroids, as pokers players receive twice the benefits for their loyalty! Through Poker VIP, we will help you sort through all the rakeback programs and VIP Loyalty Programs. We’ll even throw in some deposit bonuses as well as reload bonuses on top! VIP Poker will walk you through signing up for rakeback, as well as provide you with a detailed overview of poker room’s VIP Loyalty Programs from many of the major online poker rooms (and some small rooms as well).

The bottom line is that a poker player has several ways in which he can profit from playing poker on the internet. These methods of profiting at the poker table are as follows:

  • Playing poker in a profitable manner (read: winning),
  • Receiving and playing through a deposit bonus at an online poker room,
  • Getting rakeback from an online poker room,
  • Using VIP Programs to provide cash back.

While the poker player is in control of playing profitably, Poker VIP can assist the poker player in getting the best deposit bonuses, receiving premium rates for poker room rakeback, and in identifying which VIP Programs offer the most cash back. Let us do the homework on rakeback and loyalty programs for you. If you are in need of additional tips where to find the best deals, we strongly suggest you get further online poker information at www.CasinosforMoney.com, as they provide updated tips on where the best places to play poker online for real money are for all types of poker games.

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